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Top Weekly News

April 7, 2019

ASB organizes new nighttime spirit rally

By Marie Godderis, Sanjana Mishra, Staff Writers

March 14, 2019

ASB will hold their first Clash of the Classes nighttime rally on Friday, March 29. Each class will compete against each other to gain the most points and the winning class will be the champion. Leading up to the nighttime competition,...

ASB Spends Bonding Weekend at Camp Campbell

January 10, 2011

Last Friday, January 7, students involved in the school’s Associated Student Body (ASB) class stayed the weekend at Camp Campbell in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The class left at around 2 p.m. on Friday and came back at around...

ASB Discusses Dance Activities

September 22, 2010

This year ASB is considering incorporating new activities such as photo booths and bouncy houses in school dances. “We were trying to think of ways to raise more revenue for dances since they’re hosted by classes,” Senior...

ASB officers elected for upcoming school year

April 30, 2010

Olivia Santiago ASB Clubs Commissioner When sophomore Olivia Santiago is not obsessing over “Avatar: The Last Airbender,” she looks forward to “being a more involved member in ASB and a leader for the class.” Olivia is no str...

Class council election results announced

April 28, 2010

Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson announced the winners of the class council elections on Wednesday, April 28 at the end of sixth period. Students listened to speeches from the candidates on Tuesday, April 27 during Tutorial...

'Los Altos Live!' raises funds for Camp Everytown

April 11, 2010

The Associated Student Body (ASB) of the school hosted Los Altos Live!, a talent show, from 7:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, April 10. The show included acts ranging from a standup comedian to a Carnegie Hall-quality violinist....

School raises funds for earthquake relief

February 1, 2010

The school held a fundraiser in response to the recent earthquake in Haiti from Thursday, January 21 to today, Monday, February 1. Over the span of 12 days, students had the opportunity to donate money to earthquake relief effort...

Students Participate in Annual Youth Conference

November 24, 2008

Students from a variety of clubs including Mock Trial, ODFL, Everytown Club and ASB participated in this year’s Mountain View Mayor’s Youth Conference. This year’s conference was held on Wednesday, November 4, in downtown...

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