ASB organizes new nighttime spirit rally

By Marie Godderis, Sanjana Mishra, Staff Writers

ASB will hold their first Clash of the Classes nighttime rally on Friday, March 29. Each class will compete against each other to gain the most points and the winning class will be the champion. Leading up to the nighttime competition, there will be a Class Olympics spirit week from March 25 to 29. Class Olympics week will include brunch and lunch activities where each class can begin to earn points.

Junior class president Kayla Brinkman developed the concept of Clash of the Classes. Brinkman saw a nighttime rally as a way to increase school spirit, which she felt was lacking at Los Altos.

“It’s difficult to get people to want to come to a rally outside of school hours,” Kayla said. “So we are trying to find ways to make people excited about Clash of the Classes.”

For this reason, ASB came up with new activities that haven’t already been incorporated in past rallies, Kayla said. ASB hopes Clash of the Classes will include people with diverse interests at Los Altos by offering a variety of activities such as games in the pool, an Urban Dictionary Spelling Bee, Bird Box-inspired dodgeball and Mattress Madness.

“We’re all planning hard and building upon each other’s ideas to make this event great,” ASB freshman Vishnu Velayuthan said.

In order to plan for a successful outcome, ASB is using a delegation to format and plan the event. There are three different committees: advertising, recruitment, and activities committee.

“It’s unique because we’ve never done something like this before,” Kayla said. “It takes a lot of aspects from a lot of our other activities but combines it into a different type of event.”

Students can sign up in advance for each of the Class Olympics activities and Clash of the Classes nighttime events on their class Instagram pages and the school website. The admission fee to the nighttime rally is $10, which can be paid at the quad booths during brunch and lunch or at the finance office. Food truck vouchers and shirts are included in this cost.

ASB looks forward to this battle between all four classes and hopes to make Clash of the Classes an annual event to be carried on in the future.

“I really hope that it becomes a tradition for the school that gets people into school spirit and overall have better a better sense of community,” Kayla said.