Class council election results announced

Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson announced the winners of the class council elections on Wednesday, April 28 at the end of sixth period.

Students listened to speeches from the candidates on Tuesday, April 27 during Tutorial and then voted during fourth period. The winners are:

Class of 2011
President: Libby Strichartz
Vice President: Tyler Stout
Secretary: Crystal Lopez
Treasurer: Erika Schonher
Publicity: Teresa Fabbricino
Activities: Mari Molina

Class of 2012
President: Chip Cantrell
Vice President: Chuck Kuo
Secretary: Daniel Eaton
Treasurer: Jacqueline Simion
Publicity: Sage Yort
Activities: Meg Nichols

Class of 2013
President: Ideen Seyed
Vice President: Camryn Nakano
Secretary: Rebecca Cohen
Treasurer: Sarah Zanjani
Publicity: Alyssa Wemyss
Activities: Molly Palu