ASB Spends Bonding Weekend at Camp Campbell

Last Friday, January 7, students involved in the school’s Associated Student Body (ASB) class stayed the weekend at Camp Campbell in the Santa Cruz Mountains. The class left at around 2 p.m. on Friday and came back at around 12 on Sunday afternoon.

The main purpose of the camp was to bring together students as well as welcome new members.

“[ASB camp] is an opportunity for ASB to welcome its new members and bond as a group,” junior Yasmeen Serhan said.

The main activities that students participated this year and in years past were the low ropes course and the high ropes course. In the low course, students performed obstacle courses which had team building objectives. In the high course, students were harnessed and climbed trees approximately 40-50 feet in the air. There, students performed other activities. This course provided students an individual challenge.

“[The courses] allowed us to grow as individuals and as a team as we learn to trust and support each other,” sophomore Alyssa Wemyss said. “Getting to know each other better and trusting each other more allows for us to work more effectively as a team for the rest of the year.”

Other than the courses, students were involved in other activities such as hiking, group discussions, and small games such as hide-and-seek.

“For the majority of the time we just interacted with each other and enjoyed getting away from everyday life in Los Altos,” Alyssa said.

The activities, although not planned like the courses, were key components to a successful camp.

“We found that the activities that we didn’t really plan like the ropes course, but sort of just happened were the ones that resonated with us most,” Yasmeen said.

On Monday during sixth period, the class discussed their experiences at the camp.

“We all came to the consensus that this was by far the best camp experiences yet,” Yasmeen said.

Photos coming soon.