ASB Discusses Dance Activities

This year ASB is considering incorporating new activities such as photo booths and bouncy houses in school dances.

“We were trying to think of ways to raise more revenue for dances since they’re hosted by classes,” Senior Class President Libby Strichartz said. “We’re thinking of bar mitzvah type activities: henna, face painting, a photo booth.”

Other activities being discussed include caricatures, dance classes such as salsa and line dancing, and bouncy houses or slides, according to Assistant Principal Cristy Dawson. The first dance to showcase such activities will be the Winter Dance. The idea first came up during ASB core camp this summer, where numerous schools shared their stories of success with dance activities.

“Dances are pretty much the same every time,” Dawson said. “This is a way to make the winter dance and Sadies [dance] more distinctive.”

Libby also hopes that new activities will make dances more exciting and will give students something else to do if the DJ is a disappointment.

“These are just thoughts being investigated,” Dawson said, emphasizing that no details are confirmed yet.