Dodgeball Game of the Day, April 29


The Banana Splits race off during the opening rush. Photo by Elvis Li.

The second round of dodgeball mayhem came to a close today, April 29, and with it came some great action. The day had some great surprises and upsets, but no game was more nail-biting than the all-out war between the Fireballz and The Banana Split.

The Banana Split, a team whose members include seniors David Wu, Anneliese Gallagher and juniors Cole Hanson, Andreas Godderis, Brian Wang and Nate Palmer inched out the win against The Fireballz, a freshman team consisting of Casey McConnell, Nolahn Brennan Keenan Hanley, Vincent Colodny, Hayden Hoffman and Zoe Russelhapp.

The games were neck-and-neck throughout the duration of the match. The Banana Split eliminated all but one of the Fireballz members in just over two minutes and sealed the first game not long after.

However, the Fireballz would not go down without a fight. As quickly as they had won game one, The Banana Split quickly found themselves with only one player remaining. With just over 4 minutes, the score became 1-1 in this clash of evenly-skilled teams.

With just 30 seconds left on the clock, both teams scrambled to eliminate enemy players; in order to win a tie situation, the team with the most remaining members when the buzzer rings is awarded the win. As is the nature of dodgeball, player counts for both teams swayed back and forth as catch after catch shifted The Banana Split into the lead. With the clock at only 3 seconds left, The Banana Split was up 4 to 3 in players. With a narrow dodge by junior Cole Hanson, The Banana Split managed to avoid sudden death. With the win under their belt, The Banana Split moves onto round three of the tournament to face off against Snuff City tomorrow.