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Our watch is over: a “Game of Thrones” retrospective

Our watch is over: a “Game of Thrones” retrospective

By Mayu Alten and Ishaan Parmar

June 5, 2019

How do you end one of the most-watched television shows ever put to screen? “Game of Thrones” writers D.B. Weiss and David Benioff put forth their answer to that question with “The Iron Throne,” the final episode of a worldwide phenomenon that has been running on HBO for nearly a decade. ...

“Avengers: Endgame:” just the beginning of the MCU

“Avengers: Engame” is an action packed film grounded in emotional
honesty that marks the end to over ten years of film. However, it fails to deliver a strong story and represent people of color.

By Cathy Wang, Senior Writer

June 4, 2019

“Avengers: Endgame” marks the explosive climax of the third phase of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU). As the culmination of a cultural phenomenon, it doesn’t disappoint in its emotional poignance and its grand scale—from special effects to fight sequences to special guests. But, as a film,...

Editorial: Turning slacktivism into activism

Editorial: Turning slacktivism into activism

June 3, 2019

Earlier this month, Alabama Governor Kay Ivey signed a law that will ban abortions more than six weeks into pregnancy and punish doctors who help perform abortions with up to 99 years in prison. Alabama now follows in the footsteps of several other states, such as Georgia, who recently passed a “heartbeat...

La Tierra caliente

La Tierra caliente

By Julie Vargas, Staff Writer

May 28, 2019

I was born in America, but initially, I felt no connection to this country. After I was born, my mom returned to Mexico and we lived there for three years. Since then, we have stayed in America. Fourteen years later, I finally returned to Mexico. It wasn’t until my trip that I noticed the importance o...

New gun bill misses the mark

New gun bill misses the mark

By Elli Lahdesmaki, Staff Writer

May 28, 2019

Ever since the Stoneman Douglas High School shooting that left 17 dead last February, ongoing debates over guns and protection have been circulating. With a 22-17 vote from the state Senate on Sunday, April 21 this year, Florida passed a bill allowing teachers to carry guns in classrooms. This bill, ...

No more stalling: fix the bathrooms

Isabella Borkovic hesitates to place her shoes on the dirty and wet bathroom floor.

By Isabella Borkovic, Sports Editor

May 28, 2019

You open the bathroom door to a long line of people. One of the stalls is empty, but no one is using it because the toilet is clogged and filled to the brim. You have to watch your every step to avoid touching the puddles of water and the little clumps of soggy toilet paper that cover the muddy tile...

FBLA to shut down after ten years at Los Altos

Courtesy LAHS FBLA

By Isabella Borkovic and Marie Godderis

May 28, 2019

The Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA) club is shutting down after ten years of activity. The local Bay Section of FBLA chose to enforce a pre-existing policy that requires students in the club to be enrolled in a Career and Technical Education (CTE) class with a CTE accredited advisor, but L...

Diving into the freshman swim unit

Graphic by Sua Kim

By Stella Huang, Suzanne Guo, Marie Godderis, and Elli Lahdesmaki

May 28, 2019

Every year, unsuspecting freshmen are caught up in a unit where they must change, swim, shower, change again and head to class all in the span of a single period. The Talon interviewed PE teachers and students about the swim unit’s daunting image, and how their perspectives changed as they “swam” thr...

Math Modeling Club wins first place at national competition

Courtesy Karina Halevy

By Parisa Larson, Staff Writer

May 28, 2019

On Friday, April 12, the Math Modeling Club won first place out of 215 teams at the Modeling the Future Challenge in Chicago. Five experienced members, chosen based on strengths in different spheres of knowledge such as math and public policy, competed on behalf of the club. Collectively, these club ...

Princeton soccer scouts junior James Wangsness

Junior James Wangsness celebrates his game winning goal against
divisional rival Vancouver Whitecaps. James has committed to the
admissions process at Princeton University and plans to play for their
Division 1 soccer team.

By Parisa Larson

May 28, 2019

At six in the morning, five-year-old James Wangsness would put on his soccer jersey in anticipation of his 4 p.m. soccer game. Parading around the house got him into game mode, so he’d be ready to play his hardest later on in the day. Now, 11 years later, James is still playing soccer.  A...

Swimming and diving teams robbed during senior night

Suzanne Guo

By Stella Huang

May 28, 2019

On Thursday, April 11, money was stolen from the Los Altos varsity and JV swimming and diving teams during their girls senior night swim meet against Gunn High School. The amount of money stolen varied, with one swimmer losing $5 and another losing $120. A Los Altos frosh/soph boys swimmer, who asked to rema...

Spring Sports: CCS Wrap up

Sophomores Micah Abrahams and Ethan Apfelberg compete against
Mountain View in the 800 meter race. The team finished off CCS, but
three athletes are still pushing into state finals.

By Lucas Bricca, Ethank Ruyak, and Barrett Wong

May 28, 2019

Boys Baseball The varsity boys baseball team, last year’s Division 1 CCS champions, has been eliminated from the Division 1 CCS tournament after being ranked at the top of the De Anza League for most of the season. In late April, Los Altos held a 21-1 overall record and appeared to have a chance...

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