The Talon

Staff writer Kaavya Butaney writes about her experiences finding her cultural identity.

COLUMN: Language isn’t everything

By Kaavya Butaney, Staff Writer | March 28, 2020

“Vāyai mūṭu!” my cousin yelled at me. This phrase means “shut up” in Tamil, but three months ago, I had no idea what it meant.  When my cousin realized that I hadn’t understood him, he...

Reflecting on Religion

Reflecting on Religion

By Emma Kwan , Copy/Content Editor | May 2, 2019

Under the first amendment, students in public schools are guaranteed religious freedom, while the establishment clause prevents schools from imposing a specific religion on their students. But on and off-campus,...

Column: Cheshmet Nazaran!

Column: Cheshmet Nazaran!

By Yalda Khodadad, Print Managing Editor | May 2, 2019

My mom’s most common response to any compliment sent my way is knocking on wood, and saying cheshmet nazaran. This term, used endearingly with a side of concern, means indirectly, “to prevent the evil...

Your honor, my client is like, innocent

Your honor, my client is like, innocent

By Sanjana Mishra , Staff Writer | May 2, 2019

Kim Kardashian - Paris Hilton’s ex best friend and former closet organizer, makeup mogul, mom of 3, wife of Kanye West, and selfie extraordinaire - wants to become a lawyer. Announcing the career change...

Saying ya to a little rah rah

Saying ya to a little rah rah

By Nikhita Boddu, Staff Writer | May 2, 2019

On Friday, March 29, ASB hosted Olympic Week, in which all the classes competed against each other in activities such as Battleship, Down the Donut and Dunk Tanks. These games culminated in the final face-off...

The benefits of P.E.: Let's get physical!

The benefits of P.E.: Let’s get physical!

By Julie Vargas , Staff Writer | May 2, 2019

Ready...Set...Go! I ran as fast as I could. Sweat was dripping down my face as I ran towards the football on the other team’s side. When I got the football, I quickly ran back to my side and won a point...

Courtesy Freestyle Academy

Freestyle Lifestyle

By Marie Godderis, Staff Writer | May 1, 2019

Hannah Hershfeldt -- Junior, FILM Hannah Hershfeldt, a junior at Los Altos High School taking Freestyle, was in awe with the opportunity of an extensive arts program like Freestyle compared to having...

Courtesy Katie Radcliffe

Riding to the top: Student Bikers at Los Altos

By Aaron Zaks and Ethan Ruyack | April 30, 2019

Katie Radcliffe Senior Katie Radcliffe has always loved the mountains, whether she’s hiking, snowshoeing, or skiing. Ever since Katie learned to ski at two years old, she has gone up to Lake Tahoe almost...

Spring Sports Brief

Spring Sports Brief

Track and Field Last year, the varsity track and field team went nearly undefeated in league; after the league championship, the girls team ended with a 6-0 record and the boys team ended with a 5-1...

LASD School Board releases BCS Facilities proposal

LASD School Board releases BCS Facilities proposal

By Priya Dixit, Janie Dent, and Ishaan Parmar | April 30, 2019

UPDATE: On Monday, April 29, the LASD School Board voted to pass a two-year interim agreement that would delay a final vote on the ten-year proposal until January, 2020 to allow for more public engagement....

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