School Cuts Off Water Briefly Due to Pipe Leakage

Today, October 16, the water at the school was turned off halfway through lunch for about an hour due to a leak in the water pipes. An announcement was made towards the end of lunch informing students and faculty of the shut-off, and again midway through fifth period to notify the school that the water had returned.

Currently, numerous water pipes coming from East Drive each serve different parts of the campus.

“All the pipes are pretty old and probably all need to be replaced but that’s a major project,” assistant principal Galen Rosenberg said. “So at this point when the pipes break we try and just repair them, and they periodically break. Initially, the one today wasn’t that bad and we thought we’d just wait till the weekend to fix it. But later today the pipe was overflowing so we felt like we had to turn off the water, and cap it off.”

The pipes will be repaired over the weekend and should work properly again starting Monday.