ODFL Hosts Nepal Earthquake Fundraiser

On Friday May 1, the One Dollar For Life (ODFL) club began its efforts to aid earthquake victims in Nepal. The earthquake took place on April 25 and reached 7.8 on the Richter magnitude scale.

The club set up collection tables in the quad during brunch and left boxes in the library over the week of Monday, May 4. Furthermore, donation boxes were passed around in second period classes on May 1 and 8. The club ended up raising $4623, all of which was donated to One Heart Worldwide, the birthing center that ODFL supports. Los Altos Rotary will also be matching these donations, bringing the total up to $9246 for earthquake victims in Nepal.

“ODFL’s immediate response to the recent devastation in Nepal is what makes me so proud to be a part of this student movement,” senior Victoria Santiago said. “Within the first day of ODFL’s fundraiser for Nepal, we raised a total of $2100.”

Within the seven years the club has existed, it has built 54 projects in eight different countries, and in 2010, the club raised $20,000 for earthquake victims in Haiti.

“[The club] is not only about helping others in need, it’s also about empowering American teenagers to help them see that even just the smallest bit can make a difference,” club advisor Lisa Cardellini said. “LAHS has such a great philanthropic community, and we did not want to ignore the opportunity to help others in need while giving our kids a chance to make a difference in the world.”