Girls Water Polo Falls to Castilleja

On Saturday, October 25, the varsity girls water polo team played a match at Castilleja School. Los Altos lost to the Gators 4-7 in a hard-fought match.

The team’s first half started out shakily, as it had to adjust to Castilleja’s physical play.

“We weren’t getting our pressure passes off, so we were getting some very critical turnovers,” co-captain junior Christina Pao said. “I think that our team could have worked that team a bit more with our counter attacks. We were a lot faster… and we could have really been able to get some more of those shots off [Casti].”

However, in the third quarter, the Eagles were able to get back on track. Junior Ellen Roper and freshman Julia Santos each drew two kick outs (aggressive fouls). In addition, Ellen made a powerful shot from set during a 6-5.

Although Los Altos lost, the team’s ability to adapt and to defend was evident throughout the game.

“We put up a good fight, so it’s not too disappointing,” Julia said. “It’s one thing to lose when you definitely should have won, but it’s another thing to lose but know that you didn’t make it easy for the other team. This game was the latter, for sure.”

The Eagles are currently 4-6 in league. Los Altos’ next game will be against Palo Alto on Tuesday, October 28 at home.