Girls Volleyball Triumphs 3-0 on Spartan Turf

On Thursday, October 9, the varsity girls volleyball team dominated its rival Mountain View, claiming a 3-0 victory on Spartan turf. The game showcased the girls’ individual talent as well as their cohesive teamwork.

The Eagles took the first set with a final score of 25-18. After a shaky start, the Eagles caught momentum from a few good spikes from senior captain Carmen Annevelink and let this carry them to their seven point lead.

After gaining its foothold, the team was able to easily take the second set against the Spartans, winning 25-14.

“We had an immense amount of energy coming from both our team and the crowd,” junior Addie Feldman said. “I think the Blue Crew being there definitely pumped us up, and we came into the game with the right focused mindset. Everything came together at game time, and it was the best possible atmosphere to play in.”

However, throughout the third and final set, the score remained neck and neck, with both teams struggling to gain the lead. Eventually, a serve from junior Megan Wilhelm brought the final score to 26-24, ending both the set and the match in favor of Los Altos.

“I hope that everything about tonight’s win sets a standard for the remainder of the season,” Addie said. “We perform our best when everyone’s into the game, whether it’s cheering or playing, and in that way it’s really a team effort.”

The Eagles play next on October 11 in the Golden Gate Classic.