Girls Field Hockey Edged Out by Cupertino 1-2

On Friday, October 3, the varsity girls field hockey team took on Cupertino in its third league game of the season. The Pioneers defeated Los Altos 2-1.

Cupertino scored early on in the game, forcing the Eagles to try and tighten up their defense throughout the rest of the game.

“For both of their goals, we had many players unmarked in our circle, so they were able to get through quickly and get some shots off,” co-captain senior Nicole Atkins said.

Although the Pioneers proved to be a difficult match, the team was eventually able to slide past them.

“We had a short corner and she [Adera Ahern] shot it… and I ran in and just hit it in,” Nicole said.

As the game progressed, the team began playing more cohesively and was able to maintain better possession of the ball.

“Once the ball was on our side of the half we managed to get it on the other side of the field to try and get some offensive plays in and we managed to connect some nice passes,” Nicole said.

Still, Cupertino’s lead proved just a bit too much to overcome. The team now looks to work on tightening its defense and getting rid of its tendency to falter, according to Nicole.

“[On] multiple instances we had several players unmarked and in dangerous areas and honestly if we just had people marking those players we could have prevented so many opportunities for them,” Nicole said. “Once they score on us we just lose hope and I think we just need that sense of determination and perseverance to get through the game.”

Los Altos plays its next game at Homestead on Wednesday, October 8.