Dodgeball Player of the Day, April 28

With the second round of the 11th annual Los Altos High dodgeball tournament kicking off today, the intensity of the games greatly increased. As the more experienced teams faced off, the best of the best rose to the top. Among this adept group of dodgers was sophomore Brandon Falo.

Brandon’s team, the 5 D’s of Dodgeball consisting of sophomores Victor Yu, Albin Mollerstedt, Kyle Godfrey, Aidan Kelleher, Meilin Tsao and Brandon took down the full senior team Tryna f(x), whose members included Bryan Kim, Josh Santos, Ryan Espiritu, Kelly Hayes, Kenneth Moussavian and Sean Nguyen.

While this upset stemmed from a series of plays from the whole team, Brandon’s combination of agility and accuracy allowed him to quickly eliminate students. In order to avoid elimination, Brandon seemed to spend more time on the ground than standing up; he flipped and dived in all manners to avoid the rubber balls. In between these well timed moves, he found opportunity after opportunity to counter attack and fire balls of his own, often hitting his target.

Brandon never relented his place in the front line of the action and lead his team to a 2-0 win against the seniors of Tryna f(x). Make sure to catch the second day of round 2 tomorrow with the second half of the bracket.