Dodgeball Game of the Day, April 27


Freshman Vincent Colodny takes a shot. Photo by Gina Kermode.

Today marks the final day of the first round dodgeball matches. The action continues even fiercer this year as more teams show their dodgeball prowess in non-stop brawls that turn the gym courts into warzones. This time, onlookers turned their focuses to one game in particular: Fireballz vs. The Ball Busters.

Fireballz, an all freshman team composed of Casey McConnell, Nolahn Brennan, Keenan Hanley, Vincent Colodny, Hayden Hoffman and Zoe Russelhapp, defeated The Ball Busters, a predominantly junior team comprised of senior Andre Conceciao and juniors Brennan Myers, Connor Leak, Will Thabit, Jelly Minor and Sean Baker in an upset that shocked many and had the crowd on its feet.

The game started in favor of The Ball Busters as the freshmen were quickly pushed into a 5 vs. 2, with only Casey McConnell and Hayden Hoffman still up on the Fireballz’s side. After a quick catch from Casey, the momentum of the game shifted and as quickly as the Fireballz had lost players, The Ball Busters were down to their final man. The Fireballz took the game not long after.

The Fireballz were not able to hold on to the second game as they lost some footing on the field.  However, they were able to bounce back for the third game to take the set 2-1 with some good pressure by Nolahn Brennan.

With the first round of dodgeball concluded, the second round begins tomorrow, April 28 with the winners of the first half of the bracket playing.