Dodgeball Game of the Day, April 24

Dodgeball entered its third day of competition today, April 24, with five games being played during lunchtime. However, one game stood head and shoulders above the rest in terms of excitement; Los Compas vs. Large Fyalls Minus Snas pitted two highly competitive teams against one another.

On paper, Los Compas vs. Large Fyalls Minus Snas promised to be an intriguing match-up: On Los Compas’ side were four of the school’s football players, starring juniors Kyle Gounod, Travis Prater, Julian Meza and Eddie Melchor. Senior Dane Grosvenor of Large Fyalls Minus Snas brought water polo background to the table, and seniors Peter Dyer and Matt Glein play lacrosse. And it delivered.

Round one was a neck-and-neck affair, with the momentum of the game consistently swinging back and forth. Los Compas seemed to take the small advantage with the elimination of Dane and Peter from the Large Fyalls Minus Snas, but didn’t last long. With quite arguably the play of the day, Matt caught two consecutive throws—one with each hand—to revive his team’s chances. After more back and forth action, the game boiled down to a two-on-two showdown in which Los Compas came out on top. One minute left.

As if recognizing the urgency of the situation, the Large Fyalls rallied furiously from the start of game two, gunning Los Campos down with impunity. With less than 20 seconds on the clock, Los Compas’ last man standing, Travis, was eliminated to force sudden death.

In dodgeball sudden death, the team of the first player to be eliminated loses. Sudden death was a short-lived affair, with the Large Fyalls cementing their comeback by pegging Julian on the foot just seconds into the tie-breaker.

The Large Fyalls Minus Snas advance to round two of the tournament and will play YMT on Wednesday, April 29.