ASB Cancels Annual Kickball Tournament


Talon file photo, 2012.

On Friday March 27, the Associate Student Body (ASB) announced that the annual kickball tournament was cancelled due to a lack of sign ups. Instead, ASB will focus on planning the upcoming dodgeball tournament in April.

“There just aren’t enough teams [signed up to play kickball,]” ASB SSMILE Commissioner sophomore Adam Rosenbaum said.

One issue that may have led to the lack of sign ups for the kickball tournament was the three-on-three basketball tournament, which was delayed due to the later usage of the gym for the boys varsity basketball team during the CCS and Norcal championship weeks. The dodgeball tournament was decided to be held in April rather than the usual month of May because it would allow students to focus on AP testing. Because of this overlap in timing, the tournaments would have created conflict with each other.

“[To host a tournament,] we would have to put kickball and dodgeball, two of our biggest events, in the same month of April,” Adam said. “So we thought canceling kickball was the best option to have the most exciting dodgeball tournament, which is the biggest event of the year.”