Seniors Dominate Sophomores 16-6 in Powderpuff

Powderpuff football kicked off today with the seniors versus the sophomores. The action started almost as soon as the game began with the senior Elena Strawn making the first touchdown only six minutes into the game.

“Elena was in good position to make the catch, and she did. It helped us establish the momentum in our favor early on,” senior quarterback Rebecca Andrews said.

The seniors capitalized on this momentum and let it lead them to another touchdown soon after. In the remaining minutes of the game, however, the sophomores made their last attempts to score, eventually driving sophomore Alyssa Cortinas to score a touchdown. This made the final score 16-6 in favor of the seniors.

Powderpuff football continues tomorrow during lunch with the juniors versus the freshman, the winner of which will move to play the seniors in the finals on Friday.