Library Purchases Five New Work Stations

The school recently purchased five new work stations intended for student use. The computers were purchased using money from the district’s technology fund, which is responsible for much of the recent technological updates at the school.

Each of the stations consists of a computer, monitor, keyboard and mouse. Librarian Dr. Nina Waite expects the computers to run the standard software found on most school computers, which includes Microsoft XP, Office Suite, possibly Photoshop and other similar programs. Students can also use the computers to access a research database.

Waite expects the computers to be very useful. She believes they will be used “all day, every day,”and benefit students tremendously.

The library is currently in the process of installing the computers.

“They’re here,” Waite said. “There’s a bit of a back log in getting installation, so we’re getting them as soon as we can. We’re doing our best to get them there, but it takes time … There’s one person that installs them, and a lot of people rely on this wonderful person.”

Until then, other library computers are available for students to use.

The library hopes to have the new computers available to students soon.