Juniors Take Powderpuff Championship

The final game of the Powderpuff tournament took place today, October 3. The juniors pulled off a win over the seniors with a key touchdown by junior Stephanie Kouvelas in the first quarter and a two-point conversion by junior running back Lauren Jacob.

Each team played aggressive defense throughout the game, with interceptions on both sides.  The juniors gained a substantial amount of yardage from fumbles and miscalculated snaps by the seniors, eventually leading to a touchdown.

“The hardest part was marking people on defense, we had some detailed notes on the seniors and the threats we had to watch out for,” Lauren said. “So we had to anticipate how the seniors would use their best players. They were really good at tricking us the first half, so we adjusted and held them the second half.”

In previous years, the class of 2016 has lost both games that it has played against the class of 2014. Taking the championship this year shows how far the current junior class has come.

“When we played last year, the ball was almost never thrown, so our plays were really predictable. This year, we were able to switch things up and keep them guessing.  We also had a lot of people out at the practices so everyone got more comfortable with the plays…. Quite a turnaround,” Lauren said.