Juniors Crush Freshmen in 26-0 Shutout

Powderpuff football entered its second day of competition on Thursday, October 2, with the juniors taking on the freshmen. The juniors overpowered the freshmen and cruised to a 26-0 victory.

The juniors scored four touchdowns, one of which came from a connected throw by junior quarterback Carina Burdick to a diving Stephanie Kouvelas. The last touchdown throw came from Carina to a wide open Carrie Wendelken, whom the freshmen were unable to guard.

“We crushed them, we did a really good job,” junior Kalie Oku said. “We had a lot of fun. We lost terribly last year… and now it’s really great being able to win this game and it was just a lot of fun.”

The juniors face off against the seniors in the final game of the tournament tomorrow at lunch on the field. The juniors already have a plan.
“[We have to] go out like we did today, have a good pep talk and hopefully, we’ll beat the seniors,” Carrie said.