Girls Volleyball Loses to Presentation 1-3, Dominates in MVLA Tournament

On Friday, September 22 at 6:30 p.m., the varsity girls volleyball team fought against Presentation High School in its second home game of the season.

The Eagles lost ground in the first game, falling 17-25, but came back to dominate the Panthers in the second game 25-14. After getting off to a rough start, the Eagles battled back in the second game, catching Presentation High off guard. Co-captain senior Carmen Annevelink shined in the second set, getting uncontested kills and helping put Los Altos in the lead. After getting ahead by a clear margin, however, Presentation got back onto its feet and pushed back against Los Altos in the third round, winning soundly.

“We definitely gave Presentation a good run and had some really strong sets, especially in the second game,” senior Samantha Dadok said. “In the end it was tipping that we had the most trouble with, but hopefully we will get a re-match.”

The final game had a nail biting finish that left the crowd riled up for the duration of the match. Presentation took off with an early lead of 10-4 and maintained the lead until the last phase of the game. With Presentation having a five point lead, Los Altos buckled down and fought until the very end, at one point narrowing the margin down to three points. But with a couple of good tips and blocks by Presentation, the Panthers took the winning set 25-20.

Over the weekend, Los Altos played a series of games in a tournament against Hinsdale, Leland, Mountain View and finally, St. Francis. Eager to move past its game against Presentation, the team never conceded a set to any of the four teams. The only team that came close to competing with Los Altos was St. Francis, whom it defeated 25- 22 and 25-20.

The girls volleyball team’s next match is away on Wednesday, September 25. Los Altos takes on Palo Alto.