You Can ‘Pizza My Heart’ Anytime, Baby

Mountain View is going to serve waves of hungry souls this fall with the opening of Pizza My Heart in the shopping center on El Monte Road and El Camino Real.

From first sight, Pizza My Heart emerges as not just a simple pizza place but a rather unique pizza experience. With walls adorned with surfboards and intense pictures of surfers catching mighty waves, the atmosphere truly makes you want to catch some surf yourself.

Besides the interesting décor, the food satisfies as well. It appears this pizza place’s business goal is to serve its customers with variety. With 25 different flavors of thin-crust pizza, Pizza My Heart carries a mouthwatering array of toppings from portobello mushrooms to clams. These delicious slices can also be further customized with spices like lemon pepper, basil and oregano as well as hot sauces called “Shark Repellant.”

Although there are many flavors of pizza, not every type is ready to be served at the counter. Pizza My Heart has several pans of pizza displayed behind glass, offering about seven or eight flavors at a time. They always have the basics such as cheese and pepperoni as well as some more obscure flavors like “Maui Wowie” (consisting of Canadian bacon and pineapple) ready to go, but if you want more obscure types such as the “Maverick’s” pizza, which contains pepperoni, sausage, salami, and linguisa, you will have to either order ahead of time or pray that they have it ready to serve.

Browsing the vast menu, Pizza My Heart presents itself as affordable as well as tasty to the causal high school muncher. One slice is as big as two ordinary slices and prices range from $3.50 to $4, allowing you to receive a vast amount of toppings for fewer than $5. For those bargainers out there, Pizza My Heart also offers a “frequent munchers” card with your purchase, which allows you a free drink after the purchase of three slices, a free salad after six and a free slice after nine.

Pizza My Heart also sells stylish t-shirts with its logo and location on them for a steal of a price. When you purchase a t-shirt that reads “Pizza My Heart Mt. View” or “Los Altos” (due to its location near the city board) for $5, you receive a free slice, making that t-shirt cost only $1.50.

The new pizza parlor does not just serve pizza. They offer various appetizers including “Bread Stix” and Buffalo wings. If you are looking for a healthier meal, you can purchase one of four different salads like the “Greek Salad” or the “Classic Caesar.”

After purchasing your tasty slice of pizza, you are promptly served your slice on a Frisbee as your plate. The Frisbee is a really fun touch to remind us of the beach surfing theme the restaurant represents, and for merely 75 cents you can keep it.

After receiving your food, you may find the restaurant a little cramped as it is bustling with many people. It seems that the four or five tightly spaced out booths do not carry enough space for the amount of customers that come to Pizza My Heart.

However, if you want to avoid the crowd, the restaurant delivers. If you order within a two-mile radius of Pizza My Heart, they will deliver, and you can even enter these orders online at to save you the trouble of dialing on the phone.

The new Pizza My Heart is a definite keeper in the lunch rush and a perfect local destination for students.