You Are What You Eat: Food With Funky Effects

Go to your happy place with pineapple

Emotional eating for teens often involves ice cream, chocolate or other high calorie, low nutrition snacks. Pineapple is a guilt-free alternative to all of the above. Pineapple is a great source of tryptophan, which helps improve mood and well being as it triggers hormones to generate happiness without the extra calories.

Tuna-of-the-land causes sleep

Chicken has been proven to be a food that calms and relaxes people, as well as helps with sleep disorders. Its effects are due to the presence of melatonin, a chemical that triggers sleep. Coupled with a high amount of serotonin, a hormone that calms the human mind, melatonin makes chicken a powerful tranquilizer.

Feel full and slim with broccoli

Broccoli fills the belly but not the thighs. The vegetable contains a large amount of water and fiber but is low in fat and calories. Since fiber takes a lengthy time to digest, it stays in the system longer and makes a person feel full longer. In addition to fiber, broccoli is host to an admirable amount of protein, vitamin A and C, calcium and iron. One cup of broccoli only contains 31 calories, of which 3 come from fat.

Food for thought: eggs

Though chickens are not the brightest of animals, they produce a brain-friendly food—eggs. Eggs contain protein and acetycholine, which chemically helps brain cells communicate effectively, thereby helping people think. Having eggs for breakfast reenergizes the body and keeps the mind alert. Additionally, eggs help limit the risks of Alzheimer’s disease.

Recharge batteries with salmon

After a long day at school, sports or work, it is important to get re-energized. Salmon is rich in complex carbohydrates, protein, antioxidants, fiber, vitamins, minerals and other health promoting substances. For this reason, it not only boosts energy but also helps prevent the formation of clots or platelet clumping.