Yearbook Posts Photos Online

Due to an overabundance of pictures, the yearbook staff is posting extra pictures online at the photo-sharing site this year. So far, over 1,700 photos are available on the site. The direct link is

“We realized we have several thousand photos, and yet we can [only] include a couple hundred in the yearbook,” Yearbook adviser Danielle Paige said. “So why not try to find a way to make them more available?”

In the past, Yearbook posted sports pictures on the school website, but after the website’s renovation over the summer, this became impossible. It was around that time that Yearbook discovered SmugMug and paid $150 for a year of a professional account on the site.

“What’s nice about this site is that for students it’s completely free,” Paige said. “So if you see a picture you like you can choose to mouse over the picture and … save the picture to your desktop.”

Though photos from the yearbook and the website are allowed to overlap, there is a discrepancy between the types of images hosted on the two.

“Our yearbook this year is definitely going for a serious look,” Paige said. “So this gives us an avenue of putting up fun, silly shots, whereas … we’re trying to do more action shots, more true-to-life pictures [in the yearbook].”

Paige believes there will be no decline in yearbook sales despite the website’s large number of free photos. Unlike the photos in the yearbook, photos from the website do not include stories or an index of the featured students.

“I think there’s still a lot of benefit to having a yearbook,” Paige said. “The online [pictures] should be serving as a supplement.”