‘X Men Origins: Wolverine’ Debuts

Forty-year-old virgins be praised! The comic book tycoon Marvel sheds light onto the dark background of one of its beloved characters in “X Men Origins: Wolverine.” The original patrons of the comic book series will get an overdose of Wolverine as they discover his past.
The story follows the plot line of Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) and his evolution into the modern day comic film icon of the first “X Men” movie. With the power of regeneration, he tracks down the killers of his lover, Kayla Silver Fox (Lynn Collins), in order to find some peace through a bloodthirsty tirade. Instead, he finds himself involved in a dangerous plot to create a new secret weapon called “Mutant Weapon X.” He finds himself fighting an old friend, Sabretooth (Leiv Schreiber), and encountering mutants such as Gambit (Taylor Kitsch) and Deadpool (Ryan Reynolds).
While the “X Men Origins: Wolverine” trailer strikes most viewers as a typical comic movie, the film actually tries to capture the essence of change over time through the symbolic decades of American history. The film features a sequence of mutant involvement in American wars to solidify mutant history.
According to Adam Best, Senior Editor of the Fansided.com Sports Network who viewed the leaked version of the film, “X Men Origins: Wolverine” does not contain the deeper message that films such as “The Dark Knight” and “Watchmen” were able to deliver, but serves as a worthwhile watch for devoted comic book slaves from the good old days of true comic book genius.
Some of the most anticipated fights of the year play out in the film. Fans can expect to see incredible live-action meshed with CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) when Gambit and Deadpool duke it out in classic scenes from the comic books. Of course, Gambit, makes a huge debut in the film, causing many blogging X Men fans to have orgasms. Critics who have seen the leaked version say the action will most likely satisfy, but the story line is rather weak.
Some will be pleased by background to an iconic superhero of the X Men series. Yet speculation of the film failing to meet expectations and tie together old and new Wolverine is the looming juggernaut that could make this block-buster a block-blunder.