Writers Week Returns to LAHS

The school is hosting its 29th annual Writers Week on March 4-7, which will bring with it a number of writers, among which is Robin Sloan, the author of “Mr. Penumbra’s 24-Hour Bookstore.”

Sloan will be the featured author this year, participating in the “Community Read” on March 5 at 7 p.m. in the Eagle Theater. Sloan’s book follows young Clay Jannon, a graphic designer left jobless by the Great Recession. Desperate for work, Clay finds employment with Mr. Penumbra at his 24-Hour Bookstore. He soon realizes that the store is much more than it seems.

Many of the writers who will visit the school during this time, including Sloan, have just published their first novel, featuring genres ranging from horror to fantasy. Students will have the opportunity to hear about their stories, their writing processes, what it’s like to publish a novel and much more.

Writers Week brings in a variety of speakers, and not all are novelists. Poets, journalists, songwriters, screenwriters, even comic writers have been known to appear throughout the week.

The school’s relationship with Kepler’s Books, along with the work of the volunteers on the Writers Week Committee, is mainly accountable for the success of this annual school event. The program also cooperates with both the Stegner and Knight Fellowships at Stanford University. Their presence at Writers Week emphasises the many paths that writing can take you down.

Through the Writers Week program the Writers Week Committee hopes that students will be inspired to read more, write more and realize all the opportunities that exist through writing and what it can do for them.