Writers’ Strike Halts Production of Favorite TV Shows

Ever wonder how one could get through the sleep-depriving and stressful weeks of school without their favorite TV shows? Since The Writers Guild of America went on strike November 5 in the sidewalks and streets of Hollywood, many favorite shows are in the process of cancelling new episodes until further notice. This is the first industry-wide strike since 1988.

The main reason why some of the 12,000 movie and television writers as well as some of the actors are on strike are because of DVD residuals and payments for “new media.” They want to be able to show additional shows in new media without the extra cost in addition to more money when the episodes are sold on DVD’s and on the Internet. Take a look at some of the shows this strike is affecting and what will happen next:

ABC “Grey’s Anatomy”:
For this year’s fourth season of “Grey’s,” there have already been 10 episodes, which have been filmed. However, due to T.R. Knight, Katherine Heigl and Sandra Oh joining the strike, it is up in the air as to when the 11th will appear on TV. Because of this, the ninth episode (which is two hours) will be split between two weeks instead of over one week. The first part was shown November 22, and the second part was pushed back to December 6.

NBC “The Office”:
Unlike other shows, “The Office” writing staff posted a personal letter to all its fans explaining what its future will be like regarding upcoming episodes on officetally.com. In the letter, they also explain how their staff is participating in the rebellion, even though according to the staff, “it pretty much stinks, and we would much rather be at work.” They are all hoping this will end soon, and ask all “The Office” fans to help out by writing letters showing support to the WGA. The last episode for “The Office” was shown on November 15.

FOX “24”:
The opening of the seventh season of “24” will be postponed from its previously scheduled date of January 13. The season will be rescheduled to a later time when all the episodes can be shown consecutively. “24” will not cease right away like many of the other shows. It will still create episodes 1 through 8 until the end of November when it will shut down its production. Because “24” will not be aired when it is supposed to, FOX has decided to show the season premiere of “Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles” instead in January.

ABC “Desperate Housewives”:
Unfortunately, writer and creator Marc Cherry decided to stop production of his show to join and support other members of Writers Guild of America immediately making this show one of the first major US series to shut down. Because only nine episodes have been made, the show ended in the month of November.