Wrestling Team Triumphs Over Fremont

Trailing 0-28 early, the LAHS wrestling team ended the matches with a 42-37 victory over Fremont. Although the morale was initially low because Fremont had won league finals last year, spirits soared when the Eagles were able to come back during later matches and accumulate enough victories to secure a big win.

“They continued to work,” Wrestling Coach Randy Jimenez said. “We were down 28 to nothing and it looked real bleak, but I guess that fired up the heavier weights and they started coming through … that’s what happens when you work hard, you pull out the victory from a deep hole.”

Through every match, the crowd yelled and cheered, hoping to give their team’s player an extra energy boost to pin their opponents down. Junior David Davis, who kept fighting until the very end, engaged in a drawn-out battle and later lost a toe-to-toe match.

Other LAHS wrestlers were able to pin down their opponents within seconds, scoring the maximum six points for their team. Two of these players include senior Chris Jimenez and senior Omar Zeitoun, who, with a few stealthy and quick moves, brought their opponents to the ground.

Although they came out with a victory this time, the wrestling team still has improvements to make to become stronger.

“They could continue working on working,” Jimenez said. “One match doesn’t make a season so we will get back in the room tomorrow and we’ll drill hard.”

The LAHS wrestling team is set to face Saratoga High School at Saratoga next Thursday, January 9 at 6:30 p.m.