World Language Department Hiring

The World Language Department is currently interviewing new applicants for four teaching positions that have opened up for next year. According to Spanish teacher Kim Hanley, four language teachers will not be returning next year. Monica Garcia, Maria Palma and Lucy Van Horne, will be taking a maternity leave next year. Heather Silverstein will be moving away. The department feels it is necessary to hire temporary teachers as opposed to using short-term substitutes.
Interviews began the week of April 6 and may continue longer as more are conducted. Applicants submitted their credentials online to the website EdJoin to be reviewed by the District Office. According to World Language Department Coordinator Terri Salsman de Rodriguex, the district office selects the applicants who meet the certain criteria regarding specified credentials. They then open up that list for review by a committee based at this school.
Those on the interviewing committee are Rodriguex, assistant principal Cristy Dawson, junior Uji Venkat, and parent Nalini Luthra. Interviews are conducted face-to-face and last 20 to 30 minutes. However, Principal Wynne Satterwhite makes the final selection.
“A lot of the [teachers up for review] had taught younger students, like middle schoolers, or had taught in a college,” Uji said. “It’s important to choose a teacher who appeals to high school students. Like some teachers said that to teach discipline they would use humor instead of spazzing out, and that’s high school appropriate.”
Despite the changes to be made within the department, Rodriguex does not feel students will be much affected.
“I don’t think the curriculum will change next year,” Rodriguex said. “For the last two years we’ve worked hard to align our curriculum horizontally and vertically, as has the rest of the school, and that will make it easier to make the transition.”