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The student news site of Los Altos High School in Los Altos, California

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Workshops Held During Tutorial Beneficial

In the rush of a senior’s Tuesday, the numerous workshops and activities during tutorial may seem inconvenient. But stopping to think about this situation makes it clear that the workshops are necessary and effective, and tutorial is the best time for these activities to take place.

For the first eight Tuesdays of the year, seniors will see their tutorials occupied by various workshops and activities and will not be able to work on homework or projects during that time.

However, despite the fact that loss of tutorial time may create inconveniences, the workshops are necessary and there is no better time to hold these extra opportunities than during tutorial.

“The Homecoming and applications [meetings are] absolutely important and it makes sense to have it [during Tutorial],” senior Scott Abramo said.

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Certainly some students already are knowledgeable on some of the topics discussed during the workshops. However, the majority of students would definitely benefit from attending these activities, all of which are either informative or related to traditional, important senior activities.

“[A number of] these workshops occur to give the student a better understanding on a certain aspect of high school or college,” senior Karim Poonja said. “The workshops are very beneficial … because many students do not know the material that is discussed.”
As these meetings were created with the Senior Class’s needs in mind, it is necessary that they take place in one way or another.

Since the meetings and workshops are “important” to students like Scott, the only question that remains is when to hold them.

Some students are disgruntled by the fact that these activities take up many of their tutorials, during which they could finish homework and projects and accomplish a lot of important tasks. However, upon considering all options for holding these important activities, tutorial makes the most sense.

“The administration works very hard to free up our advisory time but they are faced with a certain legal limit of hours of instruction,” Karim said. “It would be nearly impossible to have mandatory workshops after school or during lunch because many senior students would be off campus.”

Since most students would most likely not want to give up time outside of school or during lunch, the most convenient and logical time for students is during tutorial.

Furthermore, the lack of tutorial time is not really detrimental to most students. It should not be difficult for most students to compensate for the loss of tutorial time, another reason as to why tutorial’s benefits do not outweigh those of the workshops.

“A lot of people complain that they don’t have the time to do homework, but I think it’s more of just missing out on another social opportunity,” senior Anjali Mehta said.

Since it would be difficult for the administration to hold these workshops at another time and most students are not excessively inconvenienced when they miss tutorial, tutorial is the most logical option for these activities.

Tutorial is a convenient time to hold these workshops and meetings, keeping disruptions to students’ schedules to a minimum while offering them an important array of information. It may demand some schedule adjustments, but overall, holding these vital workshops and activities during tutorial is convenient and helpful to most seniors.

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