Winter Guard Holds Auditions, Program Revives After Five Years

Winter Guard began holding after-school auditions in the band room yesterday, December 3. Although LAHS had a Winter Guard approximately five years ago, the program has just been revived again this year for a season that will last until April.

“A lot of guard members and the band directors were interested in having [a winter guard], the main reason being that it will get everyone spinning the entire year,” Winter Guard Co-captain senior Mabisa Chhetry said.

The team will accept up to 30 people who will perform under the guidance of the new coach, Jennifer Spohr. Spohr has taught dance and guard to myriad people at different skill levels. She herself has been in marching and spinning for years, and will be passing on the knowledge to this year’s Winter Guard. She will most likely forgo the cuts and admit students more liberally since there are less than thirty people trying out.

“Winter Guard is kind [of] a combination of dancing and throwing flags, sabers or rifles,” junior Caroline Tang said. “So for the first half of auditions, the coach had us perform certain dance techniques, and then the second half of auditions, we started working with the flags. It’s a lot easier than I expected because there’s no experience required in dancing or throwing any of the props. You’re basically learning as you go.”

Winter Guard’s first performance will be on January 5 at James Logan High School, Union City. This show will be only in front of judges and not an actual audience, as it is an evaluation show that will place the team into a certain division of competition. Winter guard will have their participate in its first actual show at Homestead High School on January 19.

“I think [Winter Guard] great,” Mabisa said. “I mean I’ve always wanted to be part of one. And I’m glad, as a senior I’ll get to experience it. It’ll be something different this year.”

Auditions will also be held tomorrow and Thursday. Those who cannot make it can still participate in Winter Guard if they email the coach.