Weight Room Floor Pad Damage Repaired

The weight room was closed during the week of February 4-8 due to damage due to the rubber padding of the floor in two distinct areas. This prevent all weight training classes and sports teams from using it. Since then, the weight room has been reopened and is again fully functional.

A spot in the middle of the room is believed to be caused by water damage that took place during the weeks before this incident. Another spot near one of the walls is thought to have caused by the repeated dropping of heavy weights.

“It was basic wear and tear,” weight training teacher John Payne said. “It might have happened from over time.”

Mike Woodworth, who is in charge of maintenance at the school, was the one who fixed the damage. He has yet to receive the bill, so the cost of the damage has not been calculated.

The expensive lifting equipment was not damaged; instead, only the floor had to be replaced. According to Payne, it is not uncommon for these types of damage to occur in a six-year-old room of this type. While the certain places in the floor were being replaced, the equipment was moved to the sides of the room away from the damage. Everything was moved back by the weight training class when the re-padding was done.

The damaged floor affected the routine of the weight training class.

“We played a couple of sports and worked out in the gym without weights,” senior K.C. Mead said.