Volleyball’s Loses 1-3 to Paly, Raises Money for Dig Pink

The volleyball team lost to Palo Alto High School (Paly) 1-3 yesterday, October 10. After a definitive win over Homestead High School on Tuesday night, the loss came as a surprise.

The Eagles came into the game excited to play one of the most experienced teams in their league. The first game started off strong but ultimately went to Paly with a score of 25-20. The next game was much closer, ending at 25-23, but it was demoralizing to the team whose passing and hitting felt not up to their usual par.

“Because we had beaten Homestead and Homestead had beaten Paly we might have thought that ‘Oh it’ll be an easier game’ but they came out strong,” junior Carmen Annevelink said. “They had fire and they were so pumped to play us.”

The LAHS volleyball team was able to bounce back from the errors of the first two games for the third game and win it with 25-13. The fourth game came in at 25-17.

“It was not the best showing of our talent,” Carmen said. “A lot of us didn’t have a good night. You can’t always be perfect. At one point you’re going to have a bad game and it happened that a lot of us had it on the same day.”

Despite the loss, the Eagles were able to fundraise for breast cancer throughout the game in the second annual joint effort between the two schools. The audience could either pledge a certain amount for every dig made or donate by buying goods from the bake sale. Though they lost the game, the volleyball team was able to rack up more digs than Paly. Together, the two teams together made over 2000 dollars.

“I feel like overall we needed to pick ourselves up more and pick each other up more and not complain about what another person did because I feel like that’s easy to do with such a big team sport like volleyball,” senior Hanna Koehler said. “We’ll move on. We’re going to use this to bring back our fire.”

Next Tuesday, October 22, the volleyball team will go against district rival Mountain View High School.