Volleyball Not Discouraged Over Loss to Mountain View

The varsity volleyball team lost its game today to rival Mountain View. The score was 3-0 even after some intensive play.

Mountain View won the first game with a score of 15-25, but then things turned around in the second and third “fast-paced” games.

During the second game, LAHS was leading 17-11, but Mountain View overcame the team with a very close score of 25-23. Then, Mountain View won the third game with another close score of 25-21.

Although the LAHS varsity team lost overall, members said they are not discouraged and hope to do better next time.

“We were really excited and at the bench we jumped up at every point,” said volleyball team member junior Jessica Cheng. “We’re going to beat them at our next home game, don’t worry.”

The team energy and morale was high, but there is room for improvement on execution of plays for the next game.

“We were all really pumped up, but I think there were some key plays in which we should’ve just really come out and try to kill the ball on,” said volleyball team member senior Kelsey Ayers.

After playing against Mountain View, the team hopes that it understands the strengths and weaknesses of its opponent, and can use the knowledge to be more prepared next time.

“I’m really proud of how we did tonight,” volleyball team member junior Anastasia Baboulevitch said. “We just need to fight through [games with tough competition] and be more aggressive.”