Volleyball Dominates Harker 3-0

The girls volleyball team took down Harker in a powerful, 3-0 game today, September 19. The Eagles credit their win to preparation and knowledge of which players on Harker’s team would pose a challenge. By playing cohesively and competitively the team secured their second home victory of the season.

“We didn’t underestimate the competition,” senior Katie Tritschler said. “We knew who we were up against but didn’t let that get in our way.”

The Eagles started off strong in the first set, up by 8 at one point in the game. While junior Carmen Annevelink and senior Hanna Koehler provided constant defense at the net, the rest of the team covered the back of the court with stellar communication and skill.

As the momentum from the first set carried over into the second and third set, the players new to varsity, most significantly the sophomores, stepped up and played hard. Sophomores Megan Wilhelm, Alexis Malgesini, Lulu Kishton and Sarah Tritschler brought fresh, passionate skill to the team, enabling the Eagles to move on to dominate the second and third set of the evening.

“This win was a great way to end our preseason,” Katie said. “It definitely makes us feel confident as we head into League [games] next week.”

The Eagles look to continue their positive momentum and success in their next home game against Monta Vista September 26.