Virtual Club Day: What will it look like?


Emily Zhu

ASB will host club day virtually this year.

Around this time each year, over 100 clubs gather in the quad to promote and showcase their clubs to recruit new members. This year, however, Club Day will have a new look — it will be held virtually next Wednesday, September 16.

ASB partnered with the Data Analysis Club — which aims to teach others about data and produce STEM related projects — to launch this year’s Club Day.

At 3:30 p.m., all students will have access to the Club Day website produced by the Data Analysis Club, which allows users to explore club options. Students will be able to select keywords related to their personal interests, which will then direct them to relevant clubs.

“We wanted to make the site really easy for anyone to use, so the process is a bit like shopping: you choose keywords like ‘helping others,’ ‘art’ or ‘food,’ and the site then tailors a club selection to you,” Data Analysis Club senior President Ben Falkenburg said. “It’s super cool, and it was great fun to code!”

At 4 p.m., club officers will host informational Zoom meetings to provide more information to those who are interested in joining.

ASB remains optimistic about running clubs this school year and has not yet seen a decrease in the number of club charters from past years. 

“So far so good,” ASB Clubs Commissioner senior Jimmy Dessouki said. “We’ve got a lot of clubs that want to get charted and get active, so I’m really happy and really proud of those students that are getting out there and taking initiative.”

Despite not being able to have an in-person club day, ASB encourages all students to participate. 

“We need to make sure that students understand that there still are clubs on campus and get them to participate,” Jimmy said. 

Visit the Data Analysis Club’s website to browse club options for this school year.