Varsity Football Loses 40-7 in First Away Game

The varsity football team played their first game in the upper De Anza Division against Santa Clara yesterday. LAHS suffered a heavy loss, conceding 40 points and scoring 7.

The Santa Clara Bruins scored an early touchdown in the first quarter, setting the tone for the rest of the game. LAHS would have to come from behind. The Eagles managed to sneak in a few points when senior quarterback Todd Grim took matters into his own hands and ran a two-yard touchdown in the second quarter, putting LAHS up on the board.

The Bruins followed with three TD runs in the third and returned an interception for their sixth TD in the fourth.

“We got snaked,” junior Victor Galvez said.

The team’s season promises to be a tough one, as they have just moved up a division from last year. The team attitude has been dampened by the defeat.

“If nothing changes then we will probably end up going back down a league,” junior Daniel Santos said.

However, the loss may make the team more determined to perform at the high level.

The game was also complicated by the rare affliction of a thunderstorm. It was suspended for around 10 minutes after lightning struck the track around the field. The game resumed once the rain and lightning subsided.

The next game will be played at home against Sacred Heart at 1:30 p.m. on Saturday, September 17.