Varsity Boys Soccer Ends Season After First Round of CCS

Nearing the end of the season, the boys soccer team found themselves in a tight position, on the ropes of making it to the CCS championships. They secured a spot in the CCS competition after a 4-0 triumph over Palo Alto.

Going into the games for CCS, the boys were confident in their ability to come up with some big victories.
“I thought we were the strongest team in the league,” junior Sean McLoughlin said. “We tied six of our games, won five and lost one. Three of those ties we were scored on in the last minute of the game. If those three ties had been wins, we would’ve been league champions. We had just got really unlucky this season.”

On February 22, the boys lost 1-2 to Woodside High School and did not to move on to the second round of the CCS tournaments.

Dominating the first half of the game, the Eagles pressured the Woodside defense. The Eagles looked to be on the track to a victory when senior Harry Rojas scored the first goal of the game, eight minutes within the second half, bringing his team up to a 1-0 lead. But as the game wore on, the Woodside players found holes in the Eagles’ defense. Nearing the end of the second half, Woodside produced two goals that gave them the decisive victory.

“For next year, we must learn to [score goals] early on in the game, then transform [our team] into a defensive formation, not allowing balls to penetrate our defensive line,” freshman Farzan Fallah said.
With a relatively young team, the Eagles hope for a more successful season next year. The junior varsity players who won their league this year will also contribute to the team’s overall strength.

“I think we will be the strongest team in the league next year,” Sean said.