Varsity boys basketball wins rivalry game

The varsity boys basketball team (4-2) defeated rival Mountain View High School (3-3) 50-44 in another comeback win today, Tuesday, January 26.

Because LAHS plays in the higher De Anza division and MVHS plays for the lower ranked El Camino division, the game did not count toward either team’s league record. However, the game was played with the high intensity customary to rival games.

In the first quarter, the Eagles committed numerous fouls and were forcing passes which lead to many turnovers. At the end of the quarter, the Eagles found themselves down 10-7.

“[Moutain View] was more intense than we were,” sophomore Simon Rosenbaum said. “We didn’t come to play like they did.”

Head Coach James Reilly acknowledged that slow starts seem to be a weakness for his team, and said he is trying to change that.

“We may have to switch the lineup [and] defense to get more energy early in the game,” Reilly said. “Today we put [senior] Tim Vanneman as an aggressive energy guy to try to spark the team right from the get-go.”

The second quarter was a continuation of forced shots and turnovers by the Eagles, leaving them down 22-15 at half.

The second half proved to be different for the Eagles, as they began driving to the net instead of forcing outside shots.

“When we really played well in the second half was when we were going to the basket,” Reilly said. “It’s the way to take the crowd out of the game and get to the free throw line.”

The changed play by the Eagles led to a six point victory.

“[In the second half] we came out and ran our game and our sets,” Assistant Coach McFarlane said. “We executed and took care of the ball, didn’t turn it over as much.”

Members of the team hope to learn from tonight in order to improve for future games.

“We have to be raw for all four quarters to win,” junior Derek Breaux said.