Varsity and JV Boys Soccer Teams Triumph over Fremont

Both varsity and JV boys soccer teams won against Fremont High School today, December 4, with scores of 2-1 and 1-0, respectively.

The varsity team had a strong start in their game, and it carried its performance throughout the entire game, missing out on only a few scoring opportunities.

“We played well for a good portion of the game and had lots of good chances,” sophomore Nick Ambiel said. “We did, however, give up some opportunities to our opponent, but for the most part controlled the game.”

The JV team also saw success in its match against the Fremont team. The boys had a strong start in the beginning off of a penalty kick, and like the varsity team, it was able to maintain a steady lead over the opposition.

“We got a good lead at the start,” sophomore Ryan Gottlieb said. “We made a PK, [and it was] overall a good game.”