Unidentified Thief Steals Solar Panel

An unidentified thief stole a solar panel from room 708 sometime between after school on Wednesday, November 28, and today, November 30. AP Environmental Science teacher Greg Stoehr possessed a cart of 16 solar panels that aided him in teaching students about solar electricity, but the number has now dwindled down to 15.

“[I feel] disappointed,” Stoehr said. “Disappointed, [because] it’s usually pretty rare that things get stolen from classrooms, so definitely disappointed.”

As the miscreant has left no trace, there is virtually no possibility of finding the lost panel.

“I don’t know how I’d find the culprit,” Stoehr said. “I’m not going to start investigating [or doing a] forensics study or [going to get] fingerprints or something. So, no, don’t know how that’s going to come back.”

Stoehr plans to have the missing solar panel replaced for adequate study of solar electricity.