Ultimate Frisbee Club Flourishes Under New Leadership

This fall, the Ultimate Frisbee Club has seen its popularity soar like never before. The club, led by junior captain Akhil Avula and senior co-captains Dane Tippett and Konrad Niemiec, meets every Friday on either the soccer fields in the back of the school or on the football field to play, and has seen the attendance of games increase dramatically from last year.

“Last year, this club did not even feel like a club,” Akhil said. “For me, it was more of me playing frisbee with a small group of my friends.”

The club started the year by setting its focus on recruiting more members and has been successful thus far.

“We are getting around 40 people per game now, which is huge,” Konrad said. “I think it’s amazing that you can pick up a frisbee and a few friends and have so much fun without anything else.”

The club was and has always been about playing and learning ultimate frisbee for fun, but this year members have been looking to organize larger events. Instead of simple Friday pick-up games, the club hopes to host school-wide tournaments.

“We have thought about working with ASB to make a tournament similar to dodgeball and Quidditch,” Akhil said. “It would be great to get the whole school in on ultimate frisbee action.”

The captains of the club have also considered hosting tryouts to form a travel team. This team would be in contact with other schools such as Gunn and Paly for some fresh competition during the winter season.

“For now the club is focused on weekly Friday games at lunch on the backfield and continuing to get people to come,” Akhil said.