UC Board Approves Subset of Submitted Courses

Over the winter break, the UC board notified the school that seven AP and college preparatory courses were approved for UC credit because they met the course standards set by the board.

Specifically, the classes Society & Politics in Literature, Multivariable Calculus, Statistics, Biotechnology 1, Introduction to Computer Programming, AP Computer Science and AP Psychology were recognized as courses that satisfy a-g requirements.

According to the UC website, the school submits a course request to the UC board with details regarding course curriculum, textbook information and other supplemental materials. A panel of experts evaluates the submission and must agree that the course is “rigorous and representative”, according to Assistant Principal Perla Pasallo, in order to give it UC credit.

“I am thrilled that [these courses] were approved because the eligibility requirements seem that they have gotten much more strict or they’re re-evaluating them,” Pasallo said. “I’m thrilled [that] the kids have a greater opportunity to have more rigorous courses and more variety.”

However, while most of the submitted courses received UC credit, the Advanced French V course was denied both honors  and a-g credit. The course was denied honors credit mainly because the UC board mandates that the school may certify no more than one honors course in each language or other subject area, while the school already offers a French II Honors course, and denied UC credit because it did not meet course standards.

Even though the Advanced French V course cannot receive honors credit, Pasallo hopes that after re-evaluation it can at least be approved as an a-g course offering.

“I’m just hoping we can re-work it, so [that] kids who want the additional French level can have it,” Pasallo said. “I am hoping that we are going to resubmit [the French V course outline] in March. It’ll just be an elective for this year, [but] maybe next year we can at least get it [UC credit].”