Tutorial Center Worth Its Weight in Tutors

First semester report card: English – B. Math – C. Science – D. Spanish – F.

That probably isn’t the best way to be learning the alphabet. Fortunately, chemical formulas and sinusoidal functions no longer need to be mortal enemies.

The school’s Tutorial Center offers a helping hand to all students in need and is a resource that students should use.

Some students may have a mistaken view of the Tutorial Center, thinking that is is only a last resort for those peers who are failing or academically inept.

However, these students are letting a precious reserve of knowledge go to waste. In fact, the Tutorial Center was specifically created to help students. It offers a rare opportunity for students to overcome academic struggles and gain a more thorough understanding of tricky subjects.

This opportunity leads to increased academic success and should not be wasted.

“A lot of my students go to the Tutorial Center and get extra help,” physics teacher Karen Davis said. “I would recommend going there.”

Many of the tutors who work at the Tutorial Center are truly committed to helping students improve.

According to Tutorial Center Coordinator Quyen Nguyen, one tutor took home an entire math textbook and painstakingly completed every problem in order to be prepared to tutor students in that subject effectively.

According to Nguyen, the adult tutors who work at the Tutorial Center not only have willingly sacrificed their time and effort to help students succeed but are also skilled and experienced at their jobs.

“Some of our tutors were professors at Ivy League Universities or part of really successful businesses,” Nguyen said. “They’re really experienced, and they don’t get paid, so they’re really working for a noble cause.”

A number of students who regularly go to the Tutorial Center agree that it is beneficial to their studies.

“[The Tutorial Center]’s very helpful,” freshman Sergio Melendez said. “I get to catch up on my homework, and people explain stuff to me when I don’t get it.”

Sometimes students are intimidated by the classroom environment and unwilling to ask questions in class. This makes one-on-one tutoring very effective. Students can ask as many questions as they want and receive very personalized explanations of a number of confusing concepts.

“When I have questions from class, I can just ask a tutor here, and it’s really useful,” sophomore Hanako Hino said.

Sophomore Kelsey Emrick agrees that the Tutorial Center provides an atmosphere that encourages a lot of productivity.

“I like to come here and study by myself,” Kelsey said. “It’s a really nice place to go to during school, and I can get homework done at the Tutorial Center, so I don’t have as much homework to do when I get home.”

For those students that don’t want tutoring help, the Tutorial Center is still an interesting place to hang out. It offers the benefit of textbooks and the Internet and is not the dead silent land of the nerds or failures as some might thing.

“Actually, [the Tutorial Center] is quite a lively place. A lot of students come here,” said Sabre Abraham, an adult tutor at the Tutorial Center.

All in all, a visit to the Tutorial Center potentially benefits all students. It offers a relaxing environment to those who want to finish up their homework and provides valuable help to those who need it, completely free of cost.

“I would certainly encourage all students to come here for help or if they have any questions on a subject,” Abraham said. “It’s important to me. I feel like I can help the students that come here.”

Students at the school should all utilize the Tutorial Center to their advantage, as tutors there can patiently and effectively help all students achieve academic comprehension and success.

Though it’s good to learn the “A, B, C”s, the “A, A, A”s make for a sweeter song. Students can make that happen with a few trips to the Tutorial Center, and should make the most of this worthwhile resource.