‘Turok’ Takes on Tyrannosaurus Rexes

Some people decide they want to be Superman. Others wish they were just like Batman. The lame ones decide they want to be Spider-man. But in this day and age, there is a new hero to idolize. He is Turok, the Indian soldier of the future who kills dinosaurs with his bare hands.

“Halo” meets “Jurassic Park” in the action-packed first-person shooter “Turok.” Some will remember “Turok” from Nintendo 64 back in the day, but it has been adapted to be a flashy, suspenseful and very violent contemporary title.

The story begins with the soldiers of the elite “Whiskey Company” of Earth’s army emerging from cryo-tubes for briefing on a mission where they are to capture a rogue separatist, Cane, who has trained a fierce army called “Wolfpack.” As Turok, the player has escaped Cane’s army of POW’s retrained to kill without mercy and has no trust in the company of military veterans Turok is associated with. While entering a distant planet resembling Earth, the ship is shot down, and Turok is faced with a fight for his life as he discovered in the planet in the age of dinosaurs. Yes, dinosaurs. While fighting against forces of Cane’s army and trying to survive the ferocious jaws of a T-Rex, Turok must find a way to regroup the survivors and fight back.

From the beginning of the game to the end, the player is constantly in a high-octane environment. Armed with a compound bow, a knife and fierce array of guns, the player trudges through the wilderness in order to kill soldiers and dinosaurs at the same time. The interesting thing about “Turok” is that the player must combine a series of tactical stealth and flanking to survive the various fire fights present. Often times, there are alternate ways to gain strategic advantages. The game actually requires the player to think.

Although “Turok” is a thrill ride, it still has some potential technical and difficulty issues. During a fire fight, the player may jump out of their skins when the game may freeze or the controls may not function properly. Additionally, the player is presented with hectic situations, often times having to do with a pack of raptors. There are parts where the player has no choice but to start over from the last checkpoint because a raptor will ambush from behind. They will bump Turok onto the ground, leaving the player disoriented, and then a pack will eat him while the player tries to fend them off. The result is a frustrated player with a pounding headache from a spinny display.

The game does present and invigorating multiplayer online. Players play on maps with teams of up to eight people each, with different weapon sets and diverse terrain. There is a catch to these maps—roaming dinosaurs that will attack anyone crawl all over many levels. They can be provoked or lured out to neutralize enemies, and present a surprising twist on multiplayer gaming.

“Turok” presents a new element to modern first person shooters: dinosaurs. Some gamers will crave the intensity, while others will find it too much to handle. Depending on what a person is looking for, “Turok” will satisfy or force a person to break their television or console. But for all purposes, action and great gameplay, “Turok” will impress players, not blow them away.