Tuesday: Food Science, CSI, And A Temperamental Chimpanzee

Using Virtual Worlds  to Teach
Ugochi Acholonu, Education Ph.D. Student, Stanford School of Design, Stanford University
room 702
“First, be open-minded. Your life will never be what you expected. Second, be kind to people. And finally, learn from everything. What you might initially see as bad may actually turn out to be a blessing.”

Real Life CSI
Shane Granberg, Detective, Homicide-Crime Scene Unit, San Jose Police Department
room 410

Engineering the Next Generation
Nabeel Kamboh, Senior Software Engineer, Cisco Systems
room 708

The Science of Food Inventions
K K Mui, Product Development Manager, Cliff Bar Inc.
room 408
“Right now we [at Cliff Bar] are launching our reformulated energy gel and are very excited about the eight new flavors that will be released soon.”

Science & Technology vs Dumb Luck and Hard Work
Amir Rosenbaum, Owner, Spectre Performance
room 409

Living with Eyes Wide Open
Henry Rosenthal, Independent Film Producer/Space Commander
room 701
“I once made a film involving a chimpanzee who … unloaded a massive quantity of urine along a hallway.”

Drug Development and Human Clinical Trials
Brent Treiger, MD, Vice President, Clinical Affairs, Apthera Pharmaceuticals
room 710

Aditi Garg, Tesla
room 706