Trick-or-Treating is a Time-Honored Tradition

Hundreds of kids flock to the streets every Halloween. From tiny ballerinas to vampires, costumes can be seen everywhere. But amidst the kids and their parents, a group of teenagers are seen with trash bags in their arms and masks in their hands.

This sparks the question that is on everyone’s mind each Halloween: Are teenagers too old to trick-or-treat?

Teenagers should have to choose on whether or not to trick or treat and shouldn’t be discriminated against for continuing the tradition. Halloween is a time for well-intended mischief and pranks; it’s a time for teenagers to let loose and have a good time.

“It keeps us young,” sophomore Scott Zimmerman said. “It’s a social activity for kids to hang out with their friends.”

Scott was a gorilla for a previous Halloween and spends his Halloween trick-or-treating with his friends.

Senior Jon Tran agrees that Halloween is just about having fun, and everyone should feel that they are able to do it. On Halloween, he and his friends try to obtain as much candy as possible.

“We get a bunch of masks and switch them so we can go to a house more than once,” Jon said.

The hype and excitement about Halloween should not end in high school. Teenagers should be able to dress up in their favorite costumes and collect their favorite candy.

“As there is passion in the soul, [trick-or-treating] is acceptable,” junior Karlo Imper-Vuletic said.

The main motivation for Jon, besides having fun with his friends, is the candy. Candy is the main motivation for most kids and especially for teenagers—who doesn’t want a sugar rush?

“People are never too old to go trick-or-treating; everyone likes candy,” Jon said.

So is there really an age limit to trick-or-treating? Is it right for teenagers to take candy from younger kids for their own benefits?

The tradition of Halloween is not just about getting candy, but it is a break from school. High school students have such busy lives that a fun night out helps them relieve daily stress.

“[Trick-or-treating] gives teens a break from the stress of school,” junior Natalya Copeland said. “It helps you remember the good old times.”