Track Springs Into Upcoming Season

Despite the initial lack of coaches and the loss of many key seniors, the track team is training hard with hopes for success in the upcoming season. Looking ahead, many members have mixed expectations. The team’s progress will depend on whether the new athletes can step up to the plate.
“If we don’t perform well then we’ll get bumped down [a league] next year,” long-distance captain senior Scotty Bohrer said. “That said, I think this team has the ability to do very well this year if everyone goes out and gives it their all.”
Although many of the key runners were seniors last year and have graduated, co-head coach Gerri Baldwin is not worried about this year’s lack of talent.
“It’s natural in your program to lose seniors every year,” Baldwin said. “It’s just a matter of hoping that the training you’ve done over the years with people who are going to be seniors [this year] is going to pay off.”
As for coaches, the team is usually guided by long-distance, sprinting, jumping and throwing coaches, yet at the start of the season only two of those positions were filled. Baldwin and long-distance coach PattieSue Plumer were the sole coaches until Thursday, February 5, when sprinting coach Toure Carter joined them.
“At this point in the season it’s all conditioning anyways, so they haven’t been losing anything yet [in terms of coaching],” Baldwin said. “As it gets a little bit closer and we have to get more technical, that’s when there may be some backlash.”
Although fewer coaches are regularly present than in past years, senior David Wobber believes that this is not a major problem, especially with the exceptional leadership shown by the seniors.
“Many of the seniors are stepping up to the plate and guiding the underclassmen to their strengths in events,” David said. “Those who are really compassionate about the sport can step up and show a strong effort, without having the guidance of a coach.”
Charles Olaires, ‘08, is helping lead the throwing team, while Plumer focuses more on the jumpers, who are currently without a permanent coach.
Aside from Scotty and David, other captains include seniors Stephen Hine, Katy Kaszubinski, Jordan McDaniel, Molly McShane, Kristin Rimbach, and Brennan Wood.