Track and Field No Longer a No-Cut Sport

As a result of students who have taken advantage of track and field’s P.E. credit in the past, track and field this year is no longer a no-cut sport. The decision, which was made by co-head coach Dave Barth and Gerri Baldwin along with input from Athletic Director Kim Cave and principal Wynne Satterwhite, reflects the frustration of coaching staff and athletes.

“We always have 25 + students who show up looking for an easy ‘A’ to get out of taking physical education,” Barth said. “[They] want to be on the track team, but then…would show up for attendance and sneak away.”

So far, 2014 is a trial year for the implementation of track and field tryouts. If the standard of track and field improves, it is likely that the change will be permanent. Track’s main goal is for student athletes to create a fun environment where students frequently participate and maintain a 100 percent work ethic.

“We are all about creating a fun atmosphere where athletes show up every day ready to work hard.” said Barth.

Dedication is encouraged throughout the process.

“We really love having a big track team,” Barth said. “We want student-athletes to join our team, but we also want athletes to show up to practice every day ready to work hard. I do not think that is too much to ask for. ”